Are you Ready To Tap Into your Personal power and learn the key to Authentic Happiness?

Too often, we allow our lives to be driven by others, while unknowingly looking to the things outside of us to be our source of "happiness." But the one thing many of us did not grow up learning, was the true key  in becoming the authentically happy individual that we have always desired to be...

If you are looking to feel greater empowerment, confidence, and peace within yourself, then join me for 7 Days To YOU!

7 Days To YOU is a new Online Course where Transformational Relationship Coach Kimberley Bell, will provide You with Essential First steps for greater self worth, Self value, and connection to self.

*Imagine, you are beginning your journey to deeper self value, love, and worth.*

Here is what you can expect from this 7 Day exploration...

  • The key  to increasing personal empowerment and self confidence
  • How to build a solid foundation to grow self-worth and love 
  • Understanding how you can easily feel more grounded and empowered when making decisions in your life and in your relationships (so you don't have to continue feeling unconfident or regretful about your choices)
  • Feel more confidence & freedom (without giving yourself away)
  • ​Short and long-term solutions for how you can feel more peace within
  • ​Learning how to take back your Personal Power
  • ​​Discover and build the foundations for your authentic happiness
  • ​Claim your personal power and self worth, while living with a healthier Mind, Body, and Spirit!
PLUS you can expect to gain an understanding of the importance of boundaries and time for yourself, the power of introspective conversation, positive affirmation, and the practice of living from your heart.

Begin living the life that YOU want to live.
And there's no time like the present to start NOW  :)

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If you want to feel more grounded and empowered when making decisions, increase 
self worth, and even feel more peace, confidence & freedom ... 
then this is the course for YOU.

Introducing 7 Days To YOU...

7 Days To YOU is a course designed to deepen your connection and friendship with yourself. I know that beginning this journey of self connection and self discovery can feel quite uncomfortable and foreign. However, this course will allow you to ease into this process and dip your toe into the different ways of self connection. Since most of us did not grow up with guidance or education on self connection, we often move through our lives, allowing (unconsciously) our outside world to influence how we think, feel, act, and believe what we believe. With this course, you will begin developing the mindset and harnessing the tools that will allow for you to step into your own power, and become the driver of your own life. As we dive into topics like Self Value, Forgiveness, Gratitude, and so forth, your life will begin to feel more fulfilling because everyday you will be doing the work that speaks directly to your heart. The time is now for you to live for YOU, for you to be happy, and feel fulfilled while living a life with meaning!
Yes, you CAN do this "life" thing!
With 7 Days To YOU, each day you will receive an introductory video for the topic of the day with a journaling session, as well as a mantra of the day and downloadable meditation for your daily practice.
Daily Lesson Layout:
  • Day 1 - Connection With Self
  • Day 2 - Self ValueDay 
  • ​Day 3 - Self Compassion
  • ​Day 4 - Presence
  • ​Day 5 - Gratitude
  • ​Day 6 - Forgiveness
  • ​Day 7 - Strengthening Decision Making
  • ​BONUS: Daily Meditation
  • ​BONUS: Daily Mantra
*I must also add that the work you put into this course will determine your outcome. This course CAN change your life AND connect you to a greater level of yourself, if you are willing to commit yourself to do the work. The lessons and exercises in this course are meant to be a starting point for you on your journey. After the 7 days, you will want to move forward with these tools and lessons in order to further your transformation with self connection, empowerment, and ultimate happiness.

As a certified life coach, motivational speaker, author, and podcast host, my mission is to help people realize their value and worth. I believe the human condition is rooted deeply within the old fear-based belief system of “not feeling good enough!” I am incredibly passionate about helping people step forward in life with confidence and self-love, while letting go of perpetual worries and troublesome anxieties.

Maybe you’ve found your way here because you’re starting to realize your life isn’t working quite the way that you thought it would and you’re wondering what you can do about it.

Whatever reason or method connected us, just know that I’m grateful your path led you to my site and I’m looking forward to helping you step into your power.

My greatest joy is helping people realize that they have a choice in how they feel, every single day.

For about forty-five years, I didn’t know that I had a choice. I experienced being at the mercy of everyone else around me. I was literally run by my life – a victim of my circumstance. I was living every day constantly trying to change, or control, everything around me. Deep down, I was lonely, disconnected from myself, overwhelmed, anxious, sad, hopeless and angry.

I’d experienced constant heartbreak as a child so this saddening cycle started early for me and continued well into my midlife years. Then, one evening while sitting on my bed, my world came crashing down around me. There was nowhere to turn, I was alone with myself. I had been in a sad and terribly disconnected marriage for about eighteen years. I had been feverishly searching for answers to help my sick child, when fifty doctors hadn’t been able to help. I hit a wall. I was lost and felt like I was on an island alone with my daughter. No one was there to help.

I know what it feels like to wake up every day and wonder how life got to be this way.

I know what it’s like to question everything in an instant. I know what it feels like to not like yourself, to have so many regrets, to have painful memories from the past like a dark cloud ever lurking over your head. I lived it. Until, in that single gut-wrenching moment on my bed, I had an ah-ha moment – an eye-opening awakening.

That key moment is what has led me to show up and do the work that I do so others won’t suffer alone in silence. My own spiritual nature and connection to others is a fortunate, and powerful, addition to the work I do with my clients because during our time together, I’m able to gain deeper insight into the pain that lies within their hearts. This is particularly significant as the heart is the doorway into a happy, fulfilling life.

I want to help you open the door.
If you’d like to explore working with me, please contact me HERE

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